I like thunderstorms, strong coffee, a good book, and music.

I can find 100 reasons to hate myself, but I hold onto the one reason to love myself.


Things I need to do before 6:30 tonight.

  • Study
  • Pack
  • Clean my room
  • Study
  • Check to make sure I have everything
  • Make it to my test on time, with all of the proper materials. 

Things I need to do at 6:30

  • Not fail my test

Things I need to do after 6:30

  • Finish my test
  • Not fail it
  • Got to starbucks and buy my dad a coffee mug
  • Get my car
  • Put everything in my car
  • Eat?
  • Study for tomorrows test
  • Sleep
  • study
  • take test